Wheel Alignment Services

Let us help you get the most out of your tires with new, recaps, and proper maintenance. Our in house wheel alignment services can help protect your tire investments and improve your vehicles drivability at a reasonable cost.

Tire & Wheel Alignment Services

We have built our business for the past 28 years by keeping pace with the changing maintenance requirements of our suppliers and customers. Most importantly, we have treated each customer as an individual, with special needs and requirements.

Tire Sales & Repair

As an added service to our customers, we stock steer, trailer, and drive tires in most commons sizes along with wheel balancing. Contact us to learn more about our tire sales and repair services.

 Listen to what our customers have to say about us!

  • R & H Services always gets my equipment in for maintenance and repairs in a timely manner. Their 2nd shift allows drop off my equipment at the end of my day and pick it up later that evening. My business relies 100% on my equipment and R & H makes this possible for me.  

    Adam Draeger
    Adam Draeger Owner
  • In the towing business a lot of breakdowns happen at night when many shops and part stores have already closed for the day. When I need hydraulic hoses or other emergency repairs to keep my tow trucks moving, I know I can count on R&H to take care of my needs day or night. I’m always satisfied with the quality of work performed at R&H. Any questions or concerns I have are dealt with in a prompt and fair manner. Their staff has been helpful on many occasions in providing service and repair advice for my vehicles.

    Ron Klement
    Ron Klement Owner
  • Our trucks run 365 days a year picking up milk at dairy farms and delivering it to processing plants in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. To help meet those demands we depend on R&H to service and repair our vehicles in the evenings and sometimes on weekends when we have breakdowns. Their second shift and on call staff is always available to take care of our needs. If we need a rental tractor on short notice they always come up with something for us even on weekends. The quality of work performed by the R&H technicians has always met our expectations and I know we can count on their expertise to help make the correct repair decisions. The dairies we work with have been complimentary on the reliability of our equipment. Having a quality local maintenance provider like R&H Services allows us meet their expectations on a consistent basis.

    Al Lemke Owner

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